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Managing fuel through innovative technology, inspiration and a passion for excellence

Our core focus is to reduce our customer's fuel usage by providing simple yet effective fuel management solutions. The fuel management systems we supply are low in cost and have been installed throughout South Africa for over 18 years.

Fuel is a significant cost component in companies which operate fleets and with ever increasing prices can threaten profitability if not monitored correctly. Our fuel management systems are designed to reduce theft, abuse and wastage whilst removing the need for manual data capture.

We offer electronic systems which manage fuel dispensing, automatic tank gauging and a vehicle tracker which logs fuel levels.

Autofuel Fuel Management (Dispensing)

  • Locks fuel pumps 24/7 until a valid ID tag is swiped.
  • Records all fuel dispensed electronically and eliminates manual data capture.
  • Identifies the driver and vehicle for every fuel transaction.
  • Helps you apply fuelling restrictions on your fleet which in turn reduce usage, theft, abuse and wastage.

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Autodip Bulk Tank Level Monitoring

  • Automatically displays fuel tank levels on your office computer.
  • Alarms can be pre-set to alert you of high/low levels.
  • Helps prevent tank draining and fraud attempts.
  • Monitors fuel deliveries as well as everyday usage.

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Fox Vehicle Fuel Management

  • Monitors vehicle fuel levels using a GPS tracking device.
  • Web based solution which displays fuel levels on a graph.
  • Assists with fuel card fraud detection.
  • Highlights siphoning from the vehicle's fuel tank.
  • Uses a capacitive fuel level sensor to detect vehicle fuel levels accurately.

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