Fox - Vehicle Fuel Management


The Fox Lite fuel monitoring system installs directly onto any vehicle and is designed to monitor refuelling, fuel usage as well as possible siphoning from your vehicles fuel tank. It also incorporates a state of the art satellite tracking device with real-time vehicle locating, sms alerts, driver identification, geo-fencing, crash detection and sos button.

Core Benefits

Reduces Fuel Theft:

  • With a sensor fitted into the vehicles tank you can monitor real-time fuel levels.
  • Reports highlight usage and when there are major changes in tank level.
  • Drivers and staff become aware they are being monitored and will think twice before siphoning or abusing their fuel card.

Reduces Operational Costs and Increases Productivity:

  • Reduction in operational costs through lower fuel bills and decreased vehicle maintenance charges due to accurate reporting.
  • Uncovering 'hidden' liabilities such as out of hours vehicle usage, fraudulent overtime claims and bad driver behaviour.
  • Increased revenues through better productivity and vehicle utilisation, re-route drivers to save valuable fuel and time.
  • Reducing unauthorised vehicle use by disabling the vehicle ignition when it is stationery and log driver information for vehicle use.

While you may trust your employees, have you effectively removed the temptation to commit a 'crime of opportunity'?
Is your fleet at risk of fuel theft, or shrinkage, that you are unaware of?
Unfortunately, as the price of oil increases, there is an increasing chance that your fleet could be at a greater risk from fuel theft.

Fuel Usage Graphs

Fuel monitoring enables you to unlock the potential of your business.At its simplest, it gives you real time access to fuel level information, the location of each vehicle, where they are going and how fast they are travelling. The possibilities are limitless and saving fuel will save you money. By ensuring that the benefits are tangible, valuable and focused, our technology enables you to optimise efficiencies and enhance productivity across your entire business.

Main Features

  • Monitors vehicle fuel levels
  • Satellite tracking
  • Driver identification
  • Vehicle Security

Other Key Functions

  • Records speeding
  • Engine high revving alert
  • Geo-fencing
  • Calculates distance travelled
  • Panic button*
  • SMS alerts for irregular events*
    *Requires additional hardware

Fox Lite is the most cost effective and reliable vehicle fuel management solution in the market. Improve operations, asset utilisation and driver safety with GPS tracking software that scales to fleets of all sizes. Reduce labour and fuel costs by minimizing idle time and total mileage while ensuring your fleet operates to its maximum design capability.

Fox Lite Hardware

The Fox Lite device can be fitted to any vehicle with an ignition using 12v or 24v.

Vehicle fuel tank installation
A capacitive level sensor is fitted into the vehicles fuel tank and links to the Fox Lite device, it records fuel levels and will report usage and sudden changes.

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