Autofuel - Fuel Management System


The Autofuel fuel management system is designed for use in companies that dispense fuel at their on-site fuel depots. A combination of both hardware and software in the Autofuel fuel management system locks fuel pumps until the correct vehicle and driver ID tags are swiped.


Locks your fuel pumps 24/7/365. No more need for a fuel attendant, security guards or locking of fuel pumps.
Reduces fuel usage by curbing theft, abuse and wastage.
Electronically records all transactions, no more time consuming manual data capture.
Monitors usage at your depot from the comfort of your office computer.

Key Specifications

  • Tank size cut off: The system will stop the pump when the preset tank size is reached.
  • Restriction on fueling times/days: Vehicles can be restricted to fuel only at specific times or days.

Download PDF Brochure:

Typical installation at a fuel depot
with a single pump
  • Fuel budget: you can allocate an amount of fuel to any vehicle for a specified period. Once the vehicle fuels for the allocated amount it will not be able to fuel further until the period has passed.
  • Driver identification: Drivers are also identified along with the vehicle. This creates a greater accountability and reduced fuel consumption.
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